Osteo Net is delighted to offer Clinical Exercise Classes for all patients. These classes incorporate Clinical Pilates and functional rehabilitation exercises into an individually designed program, to help you reach your rehabilitation and fitness goals. Our clinical exercise classes aim to condition your muscles to improve flexibility, increase strength and stability. These classes are taken by our very own osteopaths, who are clinically trained Pilates instructors.

They will be integrating this knowledge in conjunction with clinical diagnostic skills to develop personalised patient programs.

Each client will begin with a one-on-one initial assessment. It involves a complete medical history and comprehensive full body screening, enabling your practitioner to determine any areas of focus. To ensure you get the most out of your sessions, your program will be continually revised and changed to suit your current needs and fitness levels.

At Osteo Net, our Clinical Exercise classes;

Run for 50 minutes

Maximum of 3 clients per class

Individualised reassessments to monitor progression.

The benefits of Clinical Exercise include:

– increased core strength

– pelvic floor training

– a safe form of exercise pre and post natal 

– rehabilitation post surgery or injury

– improves biomechanics

– improves mobility

– improves stability

– increased flexibility

Combining your Clinical Exercise sessions with Osteopathic treatments allows your osteopath to work with you both inside and outside of the treatment room. 

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